Custom Staircases
At G&G Millwork, custom work is our specialty. From concept to creation, our staircases are a magnificent addition to any home. Whether you desire spiral, open, traditional, or ornate, our unique masterpieces are the perfect complement to your spectacular living space.

Wood Varieties

The wood species that we work with most frequently include red oak, beech, poplar, hard maple, cherry, white oak, and walnut. But we’re also very competent in handling special wood like butternut, sassafras, buckeye, and ash as well as foreign woods like jatoba (aka Brazilian cherry) and mahogany.

Standard Staircase Types

In addition to our beautiful custom staircases, we also employ standard stair types that are used in many practical applications. While our custom design stairs showcase the unique décor of your home, the 7 standard stair types below are also very popular for many homes.

Type #1 stair is a complete boxed in stair with housed stringers on both sides. On this stairway, the ends of each tread and riser are installed into recessed stringer routings creating a box appearance.

Type #2 stair has a boxed in section. In addition, there is an open section with RH or LH returned end treads one side only the first few steps, usually no more than six. The exact amount of returned end open treads is determined by location of the finished wall line.

Type #3 stair is closed or boxed in one side. The opposite side is open with all returned end treads.

Type #4 stair is similar to the Type #2, which is a combination of open end boxed in section stair, except the open section is open both sides with mitered RH and LH treads. The exact amount of returned end open treads is determined by location of the finish wall line.

Type #5 stair is returned end open both sides, each tread having mitered RH and LH ends. There is not a boxed in section to this stair.

Type #6 stair is an excellent, heavy duty, modern appearance stair for open area installations. This finish stair does not have risers installed and has a boxed in or open end appearance depending on stringer location.

Type #7 stair is a boxed in type house basement stair with no risers installed. Our basement stair is economically priced and can be stocked for average ceiling heights.

Custom Stairway Railings
G&G features the very finest in custom straight, curved and spiral spindle railings in any wood species available.

With all types of post to post or continuous railing systems, you can also have standard and custom wood or iron spindles.

Whether the project you have in mind is simple or sophisticated, our experience and creativity, together with your vision, will ultimately produce your desired result.
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